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Based in Boston, Redkart is a mission-driven tech startup focused on in-store logistics for small businesses.Started as a curbside pickup app for local merchants in the Boston area during Covid-19, Redkart today is striving to provide a comprehensive solution for the entire mom-and-pop shop experience.Main Street has been hurting for years before the pandemic even began, facing fierce competition from big-box retailers and e-commerce giants alike. Small businesses constantly struggle to adapt to the digital era, lacking the proper infrastructure, resources, or assistance.We believe in buying local, and we believe in local businesses. Together, we can help Main Street not only survive, but thrive in the post-Covid digital age.

Hi, I'm Neelan, Founder of Redkart.I grew up in Boston, where my parents own a small ethnic food store. I’ve been around these stores since I was 10 years old, and always had an idea of where they were strongest and where they could use some help. When Covid hit, I thought this was as good a time as any to try and see if some of these ideas could be of help.Small businesses are tough to run, but brick-and-mortar retail specifically is even tougher. And no app or product on the planet can guarantee their success, especially in this highly competitive digital age of e-commerce and big box retailers. But technology can at least help level the playing field. We just want to see them have a fair fight. First, we’ll help them catch up to the present, and then we prepare them for the future.

How It Works

We set up local businesses with tokens (represented by digital icons), with each business choosing their token's price and reward. These tokens can be redeemed by customers in-store using their app.

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